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While many terrible sorority hazing stories end in hospitalization or some kind of trauma, this one turned out to be fatal, and shocking on several levels. In 2002, students Kristen High and Kenitha Saafir were pledging Alpha Kappa Alpha at Cal State Los Angeles.

Adventure Family Fantasy On Sarah's birthday, her best friend Victoria gives her a genetic testing kit as a gift so she can learn more about her family's lineage. But that night,.

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Her fatal family secret....does anyone know when this is coming on?. Butterfield, of Sacramento, was about 100 yards off the shore of Morro Strand State Beach when he was killed Dec. 24, the agency said in a statement. The death remains under investigation. "It's a.

Basiert ihr fatales Familiengeheimnis auf einer wahren Geschichte? Ihr tödliches Familiengeheimnis, auch Eine gefährliche Verteidigung genannt, ist ein Thriller-Drama, in dem Abby, eine sehr unerfahrene Anwältin, damit betraut wird, ihre entfremdete Schwester Adrianna Cross im Mordfall ihres Vaters zu verteidigen.


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